Backpacking the Fjallraven Classic USA

October 24, 2016

For me, backpacking has always been about two things: solitude and the ability to see off-the-beaten path beauty that may be hard to reach otherwise. So when Will and I were originally planning a weekend of backpacking in August, the Fjallraven Classic USA was not on the short list. In fact, I didn’t even know it existed.

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National Animal Safety and Protection Month with Dawn Wildlife

October 19, 2016

This post is sponsored by Dawn Wildlife. Thoughts and opinions are my own.

Now that fall is in the air, I bet we’re all thinking of changing leaf colors, crisp morning air, and maybe–yes, maybe!–that very basic PSL. But here’s a curveball that you won’t see coming: did you know that October is also the National Animal Safety and Protection Month?

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The Camino de Santiago: Stage One

October 17, 2016

How do you encapsulate an experience like the Camino de Santiago with a bunch of words? Truth be told, I’m not entirely sure. I’ve been staring at a blank cursor for a couple of minutes now, trying to find an angle from which to tell the story. And trust me: that doesn’t happen that often!

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Technology & Travel {And The Next Adventure!}

October 14, 2016

Huge thanks to Verizon for hooking me up with the iPad and TravelPass. I was not paid for this review; thoughts and ALL CAPS OPINIONS are my own!

I’m really curious to hear your thoughts on this one!

Prior to Will and I leaving for the Camino, we had a meeting with the folks over at Verizon. You know, that little cellular company that likely provides cell service for at least a few of you out there?! {If you’re in Colorado, there is darn good chance you are on Verizon since they are THE ONLY COMPANY THAT GETS SERVICE IN THE MOUNTAINS HERE. But I digress.} Verizon wanted to know if I was interested in testing out a few of their products and services. I’ve been a longtime Verizon user anyway {see previously referenced shouting in all caps!} so I was happy to peruse the options and let them know. Turns out, there was a service Will was psyched about: TravelPass.

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I’m Not Too Busy

October 11, 2016

When I worked in a restaurant, the expression we used was “in the weeds.” I never understood why that particular piece of vernacular worked its way into the culinary industry, but nevertheless, I latched onto it and it remains with me to this day. Anytime I’m swamped with work or ridiculously busy, I find myself explaining, “I’m in the weeds.” Like, what does that even mean? That you’re mowing the lawn? I mean, I’d be psyched if I truly was in the weeds because that would mean that I actually got to go outside and play in the fresh air somewhere that weeds grow!

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The Great Vegetarian Experiment

October 6, 2016

Captain’s Log Stardate 100616: It’s been almost an entire year since I attempted to go vegetarian. Here is my story.

It was last October when I first started researching the impacts of the meat industry on the environment. I watched a few documentaries and read some research online. As with anything, you can find *any* opinion you want on the internet. There is always someone somewhere that will back you up! However, I read enough info to be convinced of one concrete fact: I wanted to reduce my meat consumption.

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