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How 50k Training Crushed My Ego

November 18, 2014

I knew training for this 50k would be tough. After all, this entire process is new to me. However, I assumed that the difficulty would all come from running. You know, the pain I feel in my legs at mile 22 or the mental boredom I’ll suffer at mile 31. That kind of stuff.

I wasn’t prepared to be taken down a notch in other areas of my life! Continue Reading…


Whole Body Cryotherapy

November 17, 2014
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Like most of the country, Colorado took a dramatic turn in weather last week. Monday morning was near 70s with a bluebird sky and blazing sun….and Monday afternoon saw snow and temps hovering near zero. What?!

We broke record low temps on both Tuesday and Wednesday– the high on Wednesday was 6 degrees!–so naturally, this was the day I had scheduled to test out cryotherapy. There is nothing quite like sub-zero temps to make me want to jump into a liquid nitrogen-frozen container! Continue Reading…

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Thighs, Blood & Half-Naked Women….Again

November 13, 2014
Los Angeles Temptation v Las Vegas Sin

Guys, I don’t always mean to be on my soapbox. But when I continually see shit on the internet that riles me up, what’s a girl to do?!

Back in September, I railed on how women are portrayed in the media, regardless of the outdoor connotations. To date, it’s my most popular post, which says a lot since it’s only been on the World Wide Web for six weeks. Apparently I’m not the only one who is irritated with the visual depiction of females.

Yet again, I stumbled across another glaring example of inequality…and I don’t feel like keeping my mouth shut. Per usual. Continue Reading…


Currently: Wednesday Musings

November 12, 2014

From time to time, I think it’s important to catch up on life outside of blog world. You know what blog world is, right? The image we all choose to portray to the rest of the world? I obviously try to keep most of my posts aimed at the outdoor world, but occasionally, I like to give y’all a glimpse into the inner workings of my daily life. I love reading these posts on other blogs, so why not try it here?  Continue Reading…

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Moab Trail Half Marathon Recap

November 10, 2014
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I’m just gonna go ahead and leave you this spoiler: hands down, the Moab Trail Half Marathon is the most fun course I’ve ever run!

But if you’re still interested in reading more….

Friday arrived quickly and per usual, I hadn’t packed a single bag. Thursday night had been busy and I needed to go into work for a few hours on Friday morning. Needless to say, I threw a whole lot o’ running gear in a large duffel bag and hoped for the best. If I tossed every piece of running gear into the bag, I couldn’t forget anything, right?!

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Warren Miller’s No Turning Back: Giveaway

November 6, 2014
Seth Wescott WM poster

It was 70 degrees in Denver yesterday and it’s looking like this weekend will be no different. Sure, I’ll enjoy that weather while frolicking around the sunny trails of Moab this weekend, but truthfully, I’m over it. Bring on the snows!

Fortunately, we’re smack in the middle of ski film season and there are a plethora of powder-shredding movies to enjoy while waiting for the fluffy stuff to fly. And, if you’re interested in that sort of thing, I’ve got some free tickets for you! Continue Reading…