An Open Letter of Gratitude

April 22, 2015

Dear Mama Earth,

Truthfully, I should’ve done this years ago and apologies for my manners. Seriously, how rude am I? I take advantage of your resources on the daily and I’m only just now sending you words of thanks.

When I think back to all of my life’s relationships, I dare say yours is the longest. Obviously, I met you on the first day of my life: only my mom and dad can say the same! But truly, I don’t think I took advantage of your bounty until my later years. Sure, my parents tried to force me into nature hikes and camping trips, but I was just a bratty kid. What did I know?

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Help Tally Win the Trip of Her Lifetime!

April 20, 2015

Eight years ago, I walked into a Denver animal shelter, searching for a roommate. I had recently returned from a year in South America and was struggling to adjust to life back in the States. Moreover, my long term relationship of five years had abruptly ended, leaving me in a bit of a rough patch. I’m sure that’s not the ideal time to purchase a puppy but I didn’t care. If my life was already in turmoil, why not add even more chaos?

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trail running

Runner Burnout + What’s Next?

April 16, 2015

After running the Antelope Canyon 55k in February, I was done with running. As in, stick a fork in me-can’t be bothered-really not wanting to lace up my sneakers. In fact, Hoka sent me a new pair of the Mafate Speeds and embarrassingly, they’re still sitting in the box…with the tissue paper wrapped around them.

Sorry Hoka but thanks for the gift!

It wasn’t the act of running that was uninteresting; rather, I was excited about other activities. I spent so many months deliberately alternating between CrossFit and running, always opting for running when it came to question. My brain was excited to relive the pressure of feeling like I HAD to hit the trails.

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Skiing a 14er: Quandary Peak

April 13, 2015

Whew! It’s been a hot minute, hasn’t it? Fortunately, the adventures are aplenty– it’s just that time to write about them is lacking!

Ever since college, I’ve been on a mission to summit all of the 14ers in Colorado. To date, I’ve tagged 41 of the state’s 53 peaks. In fact, I’ve been up some of the easier ones multiples times! {I hiked Gray’s Peak three times last year alone.} However, my wanderlust and curiosity has grown and I decided I wanted to climb a 14er in a different fashion: on skis!

Lou Dawson was the first person to ski all of Colorado’s 14ers in 1991. Since then, outdoor enthusiasts have taken to the high-altitude mountains during the winter months, all in the name of adventurous skiing. Over the past year, Will and I have become more interested in backcountry skiing so we decided that 2015 would be the season to give it a shot.

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Title Nine FitFest: Giveaway

April 2, 2015
2015_FitFest_FB (4)

We’ve been talking a lot about boobs this week, so why not let that streak continue?!

The crew at Title Nine is coming to Denver/Boulder, and they’re talking bras. Specifically, they’re talking about bras that fit and support the way they’re supposed to!

Novel concept, right? Truthfully, I’ve never had a customized bra fitting but I’ve heard from some friends that it’s a must-do. If you’re a runner or Zumba-er or anyone that bounces and moves a lot, it would probably behoove you to get fitted. I had one friend who was wearing a full size smaller than she needed! {I shudder to think of how that felt on her “girls”!}

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Breast Augmentation: A #MustDo in Your 20s?

March 31, 2015

When I think about everything I must do in my lifetime, the list gets rather long.

I must be happy.

I must be in a successful and fulfilling relationship.

I must strive for personal growth and development in all areas of my life.

Of course, I’m in my thirties now. When I was in my 20s, the list was a bit more succinct and–perhaps–naive.

But nowhere on my must do list did I ever include breast augmentation. Or a Brazillian butt lift!

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