November 25, 2014

I love this time of year. Beginning with Thanksgiving and stretching through the New Year, I am in hog heaven! Maybe I am viewing the world through rose-tinted lenses, but everyone seems nicer during this six-week stretch. There is more love in the air; more spirit; more energy. It’s a happy time.

sunset_thumb.jpgOnce again, I’m heading over to my family’s cabin to spend the holiday with my parents and Will. I’m truly looking forward to playing in the mountains and disconnecting from everyone outside of our no-cell-service bubble. {Seriously, we have WiFi there but no cell service.} No blog posts. No work conversations. Just good ol’ fashioned family time, complete with snowshoeing, board games, Detroit Lions football, wine drinking and frolicking on the trails of the Grand Mesa with Tals.



2014 has been a fantastic year, and I’m thankful for every single opportunity and every person who has come into my life. Have a wonderful holiday, my friends!


Gear: Snowy Adventures with Stanley

November 24, 2014

When Will first moved to Colorado, he was hell bent on getting me back outside for winter camping. I had tried the activity in the past during my college years, but always ended up frozen and shivering in a tent, suffering through the long night hours while desperately anticipating the dawn. I felt euphoric when the faint rays of sunshine would thaw my icicle toes!

Of course, this was before I knew anything and trial and error have taught me how to stay cozy while winter camping. Warm gear? Check. Nalgene full of hot water in my sleeping bag? Check. A thermos full of hot cocoa or a flask full of whiskey? Double check. And this, my friends, is why I was so excited to receive a gaggle of gifts from the folks over at Stanley!

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The Wall

November 23, 2014
photo (15)

You hear about The Wall all the time for endurance athletes. You know, that point in a marathon where your body feels like it can’t go any further? Well, it happened to me this weekend….only it was more like The Wall in my life!

I knew this weekend was bonkers heading into it. Life is busy for Will and me these days and this weekend was a clear indication that we need to simmer down just a notch. Thursday night was our chaotic weekend kick-off and we were double booked for two meetings: a grand opening in South Denver at 6pm and a business meeting dinner in North Denver at 7:30. Of course, this schedule entirely depended upon our regular work days concluding at a normal time, which didn’t happen. We missed the store opening completely and barely made it to the second dinner on time.

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trail running

How 50k Training Crushed My Ego

November 18, 2014

I knew training for this 50k would be tough. After all, this entire process is new to me. However, I assumed that the difficulty would all come from running. You know, the pain I feel in my legs at mile 22 or the mental boredom I’ll suffer at mile 31. That kind of stuff.

I wasn’t prepared to be taken down a notch in other areas of my life! Continue Reading…


Whole Body Cryotherapy

November 17, 2014
photo 1 (13)

Like most of the country, Colorado took a dramatic turn in weather last week. Monday morning was near 70s with a bluebird sky and blazing sun….and Monday afternoon saw snow and temps hovering near zero. What?!

We broke record low temps on both Tuesday and Wednesday– the high on Wednesday was 6 degrees!–so naturally, this was the day I had scheduled to test out cryotherapy. There is nothing quite like sub-zero temps to make me want to jump into a liquid nitrogen-frozen container! Continue Reading…

female athletes

Thighs, Blood & Half-Naked Women….Again

November 13, 2014
Los Angeles Temptation v Las Vegas Sin

Guys, I don’t always mean to be on my soapbox. But when I continually see shit on the internet that riles me up, what’s a girl to do?!

Back in September, I railed on how women are portrayed in the media, regardless of the outdoor connotations. To date, it’s my most popular post, which says a lot since it’s only been on the World Wide Web for six weeks. Apparently I’m not the only one who is irritated with the visual depiction of females.

Yet again, I stumbled across another glaring example of inequality…and I don’t feel like keeping my mouth shut. Per usual. Continue Reading…