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Antelope Canyon 55K: The Recap

March 2, 2015

23 miles of ankle-deep sand. I think that about sums it up!

I’ve never run such a long race before and I’m even less experienced with trying to write a recap for that many miles! In the end, I’m going to share my Antelope Canyon 55k story with you like I remember it: surviving from aide station-to-aide station with a whole lotta sand in between!

The 55k began at 7am on Saturday morning, so Heidi and I set an alarm for 5am. This gave us plenty of time to get dressed, eat some breakfast, and let the jitters set in. Surprisingly, we were both nervous but neither of us were terrified like expected. We knew we had a long day ahead of us and that wouldn’t change; what good would butterflies do?

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Steamboat Springs Winter Carnival

February 12, 2015

There are no words to describe the utter madness I witnessed at Winter Carnival this past weekend…

…but I’m sure going to try!

Steamboat Springs was celebrating their 102nd Winter Carnival and obviously, I needed to take my loaner Toyota Highlander on an adventure. We packed up our ski gear and some snacks and hit the road!

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Colorado: Five Most Romantic Outdoor Spots

February 10, 2015
Romantic Spots

‘Tis the season of hearts, cupids and a whole lotta pink and red!

Truthfully, in the past, I was kinda wishy-washy on the whole Valentine’s Day thing. Rather than sentimentality, I wrote an ode to the mountains back in 2013, honoring my love for the Rockies. However, after last year’s surprise European proposal, I have a newfound love for February 14.

But not everyone wants chocolates, roses and a candlelit dinner. For us outdoorsy types, a thoughtfully planned mountain excursion or a sweet-yet-simple picnic is just as romantic. Thankfully, Colorado has a litany of amorous hot spots. What would you add to the list?

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Finding Balance

February 6, 2015

Finding balance is hard.

I had a conversation on Twitter yesterday and I was telling a follower how I can never go “all in” with one activity. Rather, I always choose to keep up with all of them, meaning that I never am truly good at anything. Case in point? Training for this 55k. Getting all my runs in has been a struggle because I keep going to CrossFit, keep skiing, keeping exploring the backcountry and–oh yeah–keep running. I completed my last long run yesterday {16.2 miles} and instead of finishing with a smile, I found myself asking, “Did I do enough? Am I ready for this race?”

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