Chocolate Covered Strawberry Bar

We all know I like to bake…as long as sugar is involved! Or maybe, I really like to eat whatever it is that I bake! Regardless, I got in this baking mood a few days ago and really wanted something chocolate-y to eat…..but unfortunately, I had dinner plans creeping up and didn’t have a lot of time. So, I got creative!1. I used this random spare ice cube tray as the base

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Bar

2. Since the strawberries I have are pretty massive, I halved a few of them and placed a half in each ice cube hole.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Bar

3. I then melted about half of a bag of dark chocolate chips on a double boiler on the stove. Since I eat an enormous amount of chocolate (!), I’ve been trying to at least purchase dark chocolate instead of regular…I figure at least I’m getting more antioxidants or something :)

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Bar

And nope, I don’t own a REAL double boiler! I just put a small amount of water in the bottom pot, wait till it boils and then put the chocolate in the top pot. It’s the same way my Grandma and Mom do it, so I imagine I’m stuck with this technique for life!

4. Pour the chocolate over the strawberries in the ice cube tray. Be aware that it will probably take a bit more chocolate than you think!

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Bar

5. Put the tray of goodness in the freezer. I left it in there for about an hour, which was pretty much as long as I could wait before wanting to eat them!

6. Remove tray from freezer and twist it so that the chocolate strawberries come out of the tray. Then EAT!

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Bar

The ice cube holes break the bar into little individual squares, kind of like a real candy bar, only the pieces are much bigger. I actually have two squares left in my fridge right this second!

Well, actually, not for much longer…..

If you had your choice, do you prefer salty or sweet?
Definitely sugar for me!!
Do you enjoy baking or cooking, or do you do it just because you have to?
I used to be completely anti-kitchen, but I really enjoy baking these days…and am actually starting to like cooking, too! I don’t even know who I am anymore! :)
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Chocolate Covered Strawberry Bar — 34 Comments

  1. What a freaking genius idea- I am copying this!!
    I’m not a baker because it involves too much measuring for me. What I do bake, I just kind of throw together and hope it comes out!
    And I am definitely a dark chocolate lover- milk just doesn’t taste “real” to me. The darker the better!

  2. Pretty sure my hubs would love those. I’m gonna have to make them. Plus, I love ANY recipe with less than 4 ingredients since I’m kitchen challenged. :-) I bet you could do that with pretzels and marshmallows too. That would be tasty!

  3. I’ve seen this on Pinterest too! I definitely want to try it sometime!

    I don’t like to cook nor bake, but I prefer baking over cooking. My husband actually does most of the cooking in our house!

  4. Haha, you’ve funny. That’s not baking…but chocolate covered strawberries are delicious…and the ice cube tray thing was a pretty nifty idea!

    I use the ghetto home style double broiler too……and I think I always will.

  5. Looks incredible! I found this on Pinterest :)

    Do you find it difficult to bake in CO? I moved here from the midwest about 6 years ago and it was so frustrating until I found a great conversion chart (but it def. is not simple)

    therefore, I prefer to cook :)

    yet, I prefer sweets :)

  6. I LOVE baking! I wish I had self control so I could do it more often. Parties are a great excuse to bust out the sugar! These look amazing – genius.

  7. This is pretty much the most delicious thing I have ever seen! I WANT ONE! I would eat that whole ice cube tray in one day though, that would be bad, very very bad!

  8. You could put a caramel inside of the tray too, or banana slices, nuts & caramel, so many things this would work with. Thanks for idea.

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