Flashing Lights & Boston Flights

(I can’t even explain to you how immediately happy I became when I realized my post title rhymed. I am beyond ridiculous sometimes!)

How was your weekend? After my death-tastic running attempt on Thursday morning (followed by another 4.5 mile run at the Road Runner Sports adventure run on Thursday night), I was exhausted. Literally, exhausted. I was talking to this guy on the way home from the adventure run when I realized I had worked out 7 days in a row. Well, shit. No wonder I felt so worn out! I decided to bail on Crossfit on Friday, as well as my 11-miler on Saturday. I just didn’t have the energy, and I’m not stupid enough to push it. Instead, I did some shopping, saw the new Warren Miller ski film at the Boulder Theater, and hung out with some Columbia peeps that are in town. I even followed that revelry up with some rock climbing at the climbing gym on Sunday. Not too shabby, right?

Seriously, love the crew at Columbia. They are so nice!

Speaking of shopping, let’s talk flashing lights! I went to the RRSports VIP Black Friday sale on Friday night and scored some new running tights! I’ve needed a new pair for a bit but hadn’t quite decided on which ones would work best for me. However, once the sales lady explained the technology behind the RRS Night Watch tights, I was sold. Not only do they have a little pink block around the ankles (naturally, I was drawn to the neon pink!), but they also have small strips of LED lighting that run down the side of the calves. Normally, I wouldn’t be too impressed by light-up tights, but you know what? I almost got hit by a car on Thursday!

True story, my friends, although it wasn’t anything major. We were running down the street during the adventure run when we reached an intersection. I had the ‘walk signal’ so I kept running through the crosswalk. Unfortunately, a car taking a left turn didn’t see me and turned directly into me. Luckily, I am like a ninja and did a fancy jump-leap to hop over the bumper towards the sidewalk, and nothing happened. However, it led to a conversation afterwards about runner safety at night. Sound familiar? I was wearing reflective clothing AND a wicked bright headlamp, but that didn’t do much to make me visible from the side angle. We noticed that all of our reflective clothing and shoes were nice and flashy from the front and back, but not so much from the side. Silly, right?

Colorado sunsets are gorgeous…..but dark. Imagine that?! 

Anyway, after that experience, the Night Watch tights seemed like the perfect answer. I wasn’t sure if the tiny battery pack would be comfortable, but I don’t really notice it….plus, I won’t get hit by cars hopefully! I’ll give ‘em a test run over the next few weeks and snag some fancy, flashy-light photos for y’all!

Guess what else? I have some exciting news that I’ve been keeping secret! I’m headed to Boston this Thursday to visit Reebok headquarters in Canton, Massachusetts! I received my flight information last week, and could not be any more excited.

Better believe my RealFlex Fusion TR shoes will be coming. LOVE the neon orange!

The details of the event are still under lock-and-key, but I am so thankful to both FitFluential and Reebok for the opportunity. Plus, I can’t wait to meet a few of my fave bloggers in real life. Here’s to hoping I can fool them into liking me in person! ;)

What did you do this weekend?

Any near-death experiences while running? (And no, my car trauma was not near-death. I’m exaggerating because I can!)
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Flashing Lights & Boston Flights — 31 Comments

  1. Smart girl to rest! Sometimes our bodies scream at us to do it and we make the mistake to ignore, which leads to all kinds of not so fun results!

    Woot! Very excited about your Reebok gig!

  2. ohmygosh! I’m so glad that you are OK. And yes, our bodies need rest. I wish that I could take my own advice sometimes!! I’m so excited for you and everyone else going to hang out at Reebok later this week. You, no doubt, will have a blast. And I will be stalking on Twitter, IG, etc. :-)

  3. Warren Miller makes the best fki films! Wow your Reebok opportunity sounds awesome, I would love to visit a companie’s headquarters some day. Ask them about product designers/managers if you get the chance, I’m thinking of maybe studying in that field!

  4. No near death while running….and I’m so excited for you :) Reebok is cool so I imagine it’ll be so much fun!

    and I love columbia….so put in a good word for me. I seriously LIVE in their omni heat long sleeves all winter :) YAY!

  5. Wow, so glad you’re okay! I’ve never been hit, but I have almost hit people…sad, I know. Actually, it’s more bicyclists than runners. I always knew to be aware of cyclists, but I never really gave them special clearance until I joined a team and heard some of my teammates’ horror stories of narrow scrapes…I definitely keep my eyes open now!

  6. I’ve never been hit by a car while running, but I have while biking at night. Well, I managed to jump off my bike in time and only my bike got run over, so it wasn’t exactly near death. I just had a bruised elbow and a pretty mangled bike.

  7. Scary! Glad you were ok. I’ve actually been “hit” by a car twice, no joke, although both times the car was going less than 5mph and I wasn’t hurt. Eric and my running buddies get really mad at me for not being careful enough with intersections, and I don’t blame them, I need to get better!

  8. Have fun at Reebok! My work headquarters is literally next door to the Reebok offices (if you’re going to Canton). And thank goodness you weren’t hurt by the car – that is scary!

  9. Light up tights? Yes please! I almost bit in the snow once. The driver was turning right and I was coming from the right but he never looked to his right to see me. Yikes.
    Yay for Reebok and Boston!

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