I Made It To The Blue Band!

Y’all, guess what I did yesterday at Crossfit? I made it to the blue band!

Admittedly, that may mean absolutely nothing to you, but never fear; I’m nothing if not wordy!

Instead of my usual every-other-day schedule at Big Horn Crossfit, I’m going Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday in order to accommodate my wicked exciting and awesome trip to Reebok HQ this week. And you know what? My scrawny little muscles are feeling it!

Yesterday’s workout was a good one and I actually really enjoyed it! I have to say that Brian, our sometimes nice-but-more-frequently-treacherous coach, programmed a fun one for the day.

Like how Crossfit and squat are underlined like I misspelled them? 

Let me tell you a couple of things about this workout. First of all, I’ve only done front squats a couple of times prior to yesterday. In fact, I had never tried to establish a 1 rep max so I was pretty curious as to how that phase of the workout would play out.

Not sure what a front squat is? Check it out:

Clothing: Reebok Crossfit TriBlend top and RealFlex Fusion shoes. I like to call them my Fire Shoes!

And, before anyone starts getting all sassy with me, let me clarify: y’all, I am just learning how to do these squats. I am not a coach nor do I think my form and technique are perfect. Far from it. In fact, I barely know what I’m doing. Please don’t tell me how bad they look because I may start to cry :)

Anyway, after 15 minutes of working on the front squats, I managed to work up to 115#. I was happy with that, but I definitely know I can do better. My legs weren’t struggling as much as my freaking wrists! I’m still learning how to hold the bar properly and my wrists took a beating. They feel fine now but they definitely hindered me yesterday. Sigh.

Anyway. Back to the blue bands.

As I’ve mentioned in previous Crossfit posts, I cannot do unassisted pull-ups. It’s a goal that I will achieve one day, but that day is most definitely not here yet! At Big Horn, they have a couple different colors of resistance bands that you can use for assisted pull-ups. Until yesterday, I’ve been using the green band which is the most supportive and easiest.

But y’all, I’ve graduated onto the blue band! (That’s seriously starting to sound….graphic. Oops.) I did all of my warm up pull-ups and workout pull-ups with the blue band and I must say that I’m a happy camper about the change! It’s a small step for sure, but it’s still progress. And progress makes me happy! Next thing you know, I’ll be onto the purple band (not yet though; I already tried!), and then? REAL PULL-UPS WITH NO HELP!

What’s your most recent athletic accomplishment? A PR  while running? Sent a new climb that’s been eluding you? Tell me!

What is the one athletic goal that you are currently chasing?
I’m not sure I’ve established one in particular for Crossfit, but I would really like to get unassisted pull-ups. I’ll start establishing goal weights in the next few months. For running, I really just want to get past my 16 mile barrier!
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I Made It To The Blue Band! — 28 Comments

  1. Loving it. Front squats are one of those love hate relationships. Great job and great form! 115 is ver respectable, can’t wait to see what your hitting once you get the hang of it. I am also sure you will be able to kip before me lol.

  2. I’m not into Crossfit but I have noticed how many females can do pullups, and that is one area where I need LOTS of help! You are so enthusiastic about it, I may just have to give it a try. And not being a Crossfitter, the first thing I thought was “wow, she has really good form!” :)

    • Ha, thanks! I wasn’t so sure about the whole crossfit thing either, but I really enjoy it. It’s something new and different when compared to everything else I do, you know? Maybe stop by a local box for a free drop-in and see what you think!

    • I’ve had so many people comment on the pink and I completely forgot it was there :) Big Horn taped the weights for Barbells for Boobs and never took the tape off..although I am kinda liking the pink!

  3. Ugh, pull-ups will forever be the bane of my fitness existence…I just can’t do them!! Good job on moving up the ladder with those! I have my first swim meet ever on Sunday (ack!) so I’m pretty excited…I’d love to break 30 seconds for my free 50m!

  4. You shoes like awesome and you look super-duper focused and strong. Both great things.

    I’ve hit my highest annual miles in running and have pretty much obliterated it by about 400 miles. I’m super excited about that. Congrats on the Blue Party!

  5. YOU HAVE PINK WEIGHTS, TOO?! SO JEALOUS! Any way, its taking me forever to get totally off bands for pull-ups, I can do 2 unassisted, then my arms die. Abut that wrist pain, have you tried not gripping the bar? The bar should be able to balance on your “rack” (shoulder/collar bone area) with just a light touch from your finger tips! Try it out :)

    • Yeah, I definitely need to figure out the wrist thing so I can stop my whining, and I think you’re totally right. It will just take lots of practice! And PS: I would take 2 unassisted pull-ups ALL DAY LONG, so you should be proud of yourself!

  6. Just came across your blog (through blonde pony tail on Twitter) and though I’d comment as I am a CrossFit lover as well! If you are having trouble with your wrists, try wrapping tape around them or go to Wal-Mart and get a cheap pair of wrist wraps in the exercise department (they are less than $8). It will definitely help you!

    Pull ups are my nemesis! I try and work on them during the warm up each time so I can slowly but surely get better at them!

  7. Well done! Pull ups are so hard, one time I set a goal to be able to do one then promptly lost interest. I should try that again. Well I just accomplished running 50 miles and my next goal is learn to walk again!

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