Remember the Boston Marathon

As a writer and avid talker, words rarely escape me. However, I debated not writing anything today because honestly, words are not sufficient to explain my sorrow at yesterday’s tragedy. The excitement and energy of the 2013 Boston Marathon has been forever marred due to the inexplicable hatred of someone, somewhere.

However, instead of focusing on the acts of violence that destroyed the happiest day in Boston, I am turning my attention towards my faith in humanity. Yes, that may seem ironic in light of what happened, but choosing to focus on the good is always paramount to enabling those who live in the dark. There is a profound quote by Fred Rogers (aka Mr. Rogers) that is circling the internet, and I found it particularly apt for today’s emotions:

Boston Marathon

Focus on the helpers in the wake of the Boston tragedy. These are the people who will help move us forward and overcome. My thoughts go out to everyone – runners, spectators, emergency workers, etc.—that was involved in the marathon yesterday.


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Remember the Boston Marathon — 4 Comments

  1. I’m a new reader of your blog and found you on Twitter with all the Boston updates….so very sad….
    Thank you for sharing this! I’m going to share this with my daugher in law to tell our Grandson…
    Very special words from Mr. Rogers….very special…..

  2. I always loved Mr. Rogers (even if my dad did call him “weird”). The helpers that went rushing in immediately after the blasts are definitely heroes.

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