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#JustAnOutdoorGal: Teresa Baker

Welcome to the first installment of our #JustAnOutdoorGal series. This week we’re featuring Teresa Baker, a woman working to make the outdoors more accessible to underserved populations. Check out her story below!

As a child growing up in Richmond, California, Teresa always had a strong relationship with the earth. She started camping and hiking early, and quickly observed that there were very few people in the national parks who weren’t white.

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Inside the Diversity Pledge: How Camber Outdoors Got It Wrong

If you glance at press releases and outdoor industry news, today marks a big deal: Camber Outdoors announced their diversity pledge, self-dubbing it a “first of its kind industry focused initiative.” It sounds simple: Camber gathered 50 outdoor industry CEOs and asked them to sign a CEO Outdoor Equity Pledge, committing their businesses to an “equitable and inclusive workplace that advances the leadership opportunities for people of diverse identities and backgrounds.” To read the pledge, click here.

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#JustAnOutdoorGal: Alyssa Pelletier

Want to be featured on our #JustAnOutdoorGal series {or know someone you’d like to nominate}? Shoot us an email!

Happy #womencrushwednesday! This month we’re excited to talk about Alyssa Pelletier, an indoorsy California girl turned explorer, hiker, and climber!

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#JustAnOutdoorGal: Katie Tannenbaum

Welcome to post two of our #JustAnOutdoorGal adventure!

This month we’re crushing on Katie Tannenbaum, Skeleton competitor and Acroyoga enthusiast.

We love ladies in male dominated sports – there’s nothing cooler than a badass chick carving a space for herself in a sport she’s passionate about.

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