Asolo Sharp Gore-Tex Hiking Boots: Review {With Video!} and Giveaway

A few months ago, Sierra Trading Post and I decided to team up for one heck of a review. In short, they offered to provide me with a new pair of hiking boots (which I desperately needed since my feet decided to expand!) in exchange for my honest opinion. Now, hiking boots are no joke, and y’all know that I take shoes very seriously. Because of this, I put these suckers through the ringer in order to offer up a thorough review….and by thorough, we’re talking the bathtub test!

Before I get ahead of myself, let’s take a look at the boots: the Asolo Sharp Gore-Tex hiking boots.

Asolo Sharp

Right off the bat, the Sharps passed my initial test: they were cute! Yes, I know that sounds incredibly ridiculous, but let’s face it: there are a zillion different hiking boots and companies on the market currently, so we as consumers have a lot of choices. Why settle for an ugly shoe if you really don’t have to?

Aesthetics aside, the Asolo Sharps boast an impressive list of specs. The boots are mid-height meaning they are six inches from sole to cuff and sit right above my ankle bone. For me, this is an important characteristic since I frequently roll my ankles while rock hopping in talus fields. Additionally, the Asolos sport a rubber toe bumper to protect your toes as well as a decidedly light weight for long-distance trekkers. The pair clocks in at 2 lbs 6 ounces, which means each shoe is only 1 lb. 3 ounces. Yes, there are lighter shoes on the market, but that is pretty darn thrifty for a multi-day, backpacking boot.

Asolo Sharp

More than anything, I noticed how supportive and sturdy the Asolo Sharp hiking boots truly are. While testing, I was able to put them through a handful of day hikes in the Colorado Rockies. Some were more mellow than others, but they all included varied terrain: these boots were tested on dirt, snow, logs, and small talus fields, and came out shining in all instances. For me, it took a full hike before I felt comfortable in such a sturdy shoe. Don’t misunderstand me: if you’re looking for a minimalist hiker that allows you to feel the ground beneath you, the Sharps are not your shoe. However, their serious rubber outsole and dual-density Power Lite Asoloflex plates are no joke. These boots are rock stars when it comes to long treks, overnight trips, or high altitude hikes where rocky terrain can frequently lead to foot bruising. I experienced no such injuries during my testing, and that’s saying a lot- I always manage to hurt myself!

Finally, I was very curious to discover how waterproof the Asolo Sharps truly are. Sure, most hiking boots claim to be waterproof but when you find yourself stranded in the backcountry with sopping wet feet and raw, aching blisters, you often begin to question the definition of “waterproof.” (Hopefully that has only happened to me?!) To decide this, I was sure to splash around in every bit of water I encountered on my hikes:

Asolo Sharp

Unfortunately, it has been really snowy here, so water was at a minimum since all of it was frozen in snowflake form. I needed to get creative, so I took a cue from my girl Katie and tried the bathtub test. Check it out!

As you can see, the Sharps passed the bathtub test with flying colors. Not only were they fully submerged, but they were in there for quite awhile. I’m not so great with this film stuff, so there may have been more than one take. Just saying….

In short, the Asolo Sharp Gore-Tex hiking boots are both comfy and cute while still being rugged enough to handle some extreme conditions. I’d happily recommend these boots to anyone that is serious about tackling some burly hikes or epic backpacking trips.

Maybe you want to join me on some 14ers this summer and would like a pair of these boots for yourself? Or perhaps you’re looking for a pair of day hikers instead? Not to worry because Sierra Trading Post is going to hook you up! Hop over to their site right now and enter their giveaway for these boots OR any other pair of Asolo boots or shoes!

Good luck!


Do you have a favorite pair of hiking boots? 


  • Reply Denise P. at

    I need me a pair of those! My future husband is an avid backpacker and I don’t even own boots. I love STP – I get in so much trouble there. I love their return policy and their sales are killer.

    • Reply heather at

      Good luck on the giveaway!

  • Reply lynne @ lgsmash at

    i like the bathtub idea! we did the same test last week but in a small lake – i’d never thought to test the waterproofness of my boots before – i just assumed that ‘of COURSE they’re waterproof, the tag says so!’. but from now on, i’m gonna test! would hate to find out the hard way, like yo said!

    • Reply heather at

      I found out the hard way ONCE and ever since, I’ve always made sure they’re legit waterproof before any overnight trips. Easy way to become miserable 🙂

  • Reply Kovas - Midwest Multisport Life at

    I entered the giveaway, thanks for the review and the heads-up!

    • Reply heather at

      You’re welcome– good luck!

  • Reply Dirtbag Darling at

    I can’t tell you how bummed I was when my last pair of boots started leaking—the bathtub test is such a great idea! Then again, Gore-Tex has never failed me yet, I’ll have to save up for pair of these babies. Thanks for the review!

    • Reply heather at

      Hop over and enter the giveaway at STP– maybe you can win them!

  • Reply No Sleep for the Weary - Just a Colorado Gal at

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  • Reply Maggie at

    I’m a big fan of Merrill hiking boots, although I was a bit sad to discover that the newer version of my favorite boots is a narrower cut than the older version. Fortunately they still work great for hiking, and they’re still waterproof. My first-ever hiking boots were Asolo though, and those boots got me through a lot!

    And if you’re seriously looking for company for hiking 14ers, I’d be up for that. I’m in western Nebraska, so Denver isn’t all that far from me, and I don’t have anyone here to drag along on weekend hiking excursions.

    • Reply heather at

      I own quite a few Merrells too, but I noticed the same with my last pair– it was a lot more narrow than previous versions, and that doesn’t work with my feet because of my bunions. I own a pair of their trail running shoes though, and those have a wide toe box, so who knows what’s going on!

      We’ll definitely be hitting up lots of peaks this summer– if you’re in the area and want to join, let me know!

  • Reply Heidi at

    I had a pair of Asolos similar to these that I bought last summer. They felt totally comfortable, but then they got pretty darn wet when I had to cross a stream on a hike, and overnight they shrunk so bad it felt 2-3 sizes too small, and there felt like a piece of hard plastic had loosened in the toe area and was sharp. I was super disappointed and now I feel like I can’t trust the brand… which sucks, as I love how their boots look! Hopefully my experience was a freak incident… I need to find new hiking boots for this summer, especially ones with good ankle support!

  • Reply Whitney at

    I love my Asolo’s! I scored a pair at an REI garage sale a few years back and have been thrilled with them so far – hikes, snow, water, etc. The ankle support can’t be beat either. Husband has 2 pairs and if they sold them for dogs, I’m sure we’d get a pair (or 2) for our pup!

  • Reply Whitney at

    My shoe collection looks eerily similar – with the exception of the snow shoes/skates and such. I’ve got the purple slippers from REI (I call them my ‘moon booties’), the pink chaco’s (x3), trail road bike shoes, far too many pairs of running shoes and a few pair of trail/hiking boots added in. You just need a pair or two of Birkenstocks thrown in there!

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