Baby R: The Details

Let me state this up front: Colorado Gal is not becoming a mommy blog. Promise.

But I did want to take a minute to thank everyone for the well wishes! Between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and various emails, we received more messages of support and love than I ever expected. Y’all know how to make a gal feel pretty darn great!

I did get a lot of questions about the details: the when, the who, the what, etc. So lets chat details!

When Are You Due?

Early October. My due date is bouncing around currently since Peanut has measured at a few different sizes. Our 20-week appointment is in a few days so we’ll have a better idea after that point, but it’s still in the early October range.

Boy or Girl?

No idea! Will and I both want to keep it a surprise until that kid pops out so we’re going through the next five months flying blind…in so many ways! As our neighbor pointed out, it’s a surprise no matter when you find out, but I’d prefer to save life’s greatest surprise for after I do all of the hard work.

When Did You Know?

I’ll be honest: we’ve known for a hot minute! Here is a fun fact: you remember that ski trip to Jackson Hole back in February? If you re-read that post, you’ll remember that I felt like hell while touring up to the top of Snow King. I was abnormally cold and my endurance and physical prowess were practically non-existent. I chalked it up to a bad day on skis and thought nothing of it.

Remember this gem of a photo!?

Once we got back to Denver, I realized I was late and took a pregnancy test on a whim. When it came back positive, I was pretty  darn shocked. To verify, I took two more at-home tests. When all three came back positive, I figured it was time to tell Will. He claims he was suspicious after my performance at Snow King so he was a bit less shocked than I felt. After I told him, I took two more tests before even considering calling my doc.

So yes, I took five tests before I’d even consider believing it. Trusting that pink line is tricky!

How About CrossFit?

Still trucking along! Fortunately, I had an incredibly easy first trimester with zero nausea or morning sickness. Other than catching quite a few cat naps, I felt pretty normal. Now that I’m well into my second trimester, things are thankfully even easier. Other than this big ol’ belly bulge, I don’t feel any different than pre-pregnancy.

All that is to say that I’ve been fortunate enough to get an easy pregnancy so far which has made staying active pretty easy. My doc is very cool and understanding of our lifestyle and we’ve have some realistic conversations about what I can and cannot do. We talked about CrossFit and since it is something I’ve been doing for five years, she said there was no reason for me to quit now.

Of course, I am modifying the workouts based on my needs. My intensity is much lower and I cut out sit-ups awhile back. Pull-ups became uncomfortable so those are out too. Now that I’m at 20 weeks, I’m not bench pressing either. I’ve cut back on the weight {no one rep maxes this year!} but I’m still able to do the majority of lifts. I did some power snatches at the gym yesterday and simply lightened the load {I only lifted 45#}. As my belly gets bigger, I’ll likely switch to dumbbells instead of a barbell so that I don’t have to worry about my belly.

As for running? My cardio endurance certainly isn’t what it was but running is still comfortable. I can slowly jog still which is pretty awesome. I’m still heading out for “runs” but they’re a mix of slow jogging and walking. In fact, I had originally partnered up with the Steamboat Springs Half Marathon to run the half this June, but I long ago backed out of that. Will and I are planning on jogging/walking the 10k instead!

How Does This Affect Outdoor Playtime?

Ah, the million dollar question! I’m learning as I go in this category and thus far, I’m pleasantly surprised. The one major change for me this year is altitude. Obviously, Denver is already located at a mile high but my doc and I had a good talk about even higher elevations. Most of our outdoor playtime takes place above tree line {12,000 feet in Colorado} and that is an altitude that doesn’t make my doc feel comfortable. She recommended I keep my endurance sports below 12k due to the lack of oxygen over a sustained period of time, and I agreed.

This means no high alpine environment for me this summer but it’s clearly a tradeoff that’s more than worth it! We backed out of a few hut trips this winter when we realized all of the fun was going to be closer to 13k. Since I’m an experienced skier who practically never falls, my doc had no problems with me continuing to ski. I eventually opted out of resort skiing since I was more concerned about out-of-control skiers smacking into me. Instead, Will and I spent the remainder of ski season in the backcountry. Touring was a great fit for me since I could go at my own pace and not worry about rogue skiers. Plus, I still got to be outside which is great for my sanity!

Otherwise, we still have some hiking and backpacking on the schedule. We’re headed to Utah in a few weeks for some light canyoneering and I’m really looking forward to getting outside. Of course, I don’t quite fit through slot canyons anymore so we’ll have to look for some larger areas!

Backpacking is the last big question for me, which is ironic since my book just came out. Will can manage to carry a lot of the weight for me, but I’ll still need to carry some myself. I have no idea how a waist belt is going to feel and/or how that will work as my belly expands, so we’ll simply play it by ear.

And Your Site?

As I mentioned, I don’t want to turn my site into a mommy blog. While I do enjoy reading pregnancy posts from other bloggers {Trust me; I’ve read a lot of those lately!}, I likely won’t chronicle my pregnancy here. This means that I won’t be doing weekly updates or bump photos. Again, I love reading those for other people but it’s just not my thing. I may occasionally check in regarding my pregnancy over the next few months but that’s likely the extent of it.

Will my adventures change this summer due to my pregnancy? Of course they will! For example, I recently completely my CrossFit L1 trainer certificate course and have plans to get that up soon. Since I was pregnant, I had to alter a few things in the course {which will be included in the recap} but the story will still be the same: a summary of my L1 experience.

Never fear, my friends. There are plenty of adventures coming your way!



  • Reply Alyssa at

    I’m so so excited for you guys! You will be amazing parents for sure. So glad you are feeling well and that you are waiting to find out the sex. Having done both, I loooved waiting and if we ever do it again we already agreed we are definitely waiting. That moment when the baby is born and you find out is just incredible.

    While it’s nothing like your level, we are going on a little mini hiking trip in the Poconos with the kids this summer and I’m so excited! We are borrowing a hiking backpack and everything.

    • Reply Heather at

      Thank you! We’re pretty darn happy. It’s going to be a fun adventure!

  • Reply Danielle L at

    Congratulations! I recapped my first hike of the incline in a post a bit ago, I’ll never forget getting passed (while I was on the side struggling to catch my breath) by a woman who was no less than six months pregnant! I’m sure she had taken precautions like an oxygen canister or something, but she was clearly very fit. Very impressive! It is commendable that you remain so active during your pregnancy, you don’t need me to tell you how beneficial it is for both you and your little nugget!
    Thank you for remaining an inspiration!

    • Reply Heather at

      Thanks for the kind words, Danielle! I’m realizing throughout this pregnancy that everyone has an opinion on what’s best for me regarding my activity levels, so I’m just trying to do the best I can for both the Peanut and me 🙂

  • Reply Russ Beebe at

    Heather, this is a beautiful, joyous thing. I already know, somewhere deep in my left ventricle, that you’ll be a great mom, and Will a great dad. Oh, and: Libras rule!!

    • Reply Heather at

      I appreciate that it’s in the left ventricle 😉 Thanks Russ!

  • Reply Jason Cleghorn at


    • Reply Heather at

      Thanks buddy!

  • Reply Lynn @ The Not Dead Yet Blog at

    So excited for you, so glad you’re not going the mommy blog route! (Also just not my thing, even though I do occasionally write about my kids, it’s fairly rare.) I hated pregnancy, but on the grand scale of things it’s a short amount of time and worth it. Next year or the year after (sometimes it takes awhile to get back into life), you’ll be back above tree level!

    • Reply Heather at

      Pregnancy seems to be different from every female! I know some women who have been absolutely miserable the entire time and others who it barely phases. I feel pretty fortunate to be in the latter group (so far!) but I appreciate that it’s a totally different world for every woman. Bodies are weird 🙂

  • Reply Kia at

    You can essentially carry your pack and gird on your hips like a rebozo to lift and support the sacred baby palace. I backpacked in both pregnancies with heavier weight earlier on then much lighter loads later on. Good luck finding your rhythm.

    • Reply Heather at

      Thanks for the tip, Kia. I figured there has to be a way to do it!

  • Reply rachel at

    congrats from switzerland! now a selfish question – any chance you feel like recommending some of those mommy blogs you read for the rest of us pregnant, outdoorsy gals?

    • Reply Heather at

      Truth be told, I haven’t found too many outdoorsy pregnant blogs yet; I’ve just found a few general mom blogs. The main one I can think of is Tales of a Mountain Mama: Amelia has a couple of kiddos and her family spends a lot of their time living in or very near Yellowstone National Park. She does a great job at getting her kiddos outside so she may be a good place to start!

      • Reply Rachel at

        Hey, thanks for the tip! Wishing you the best in your pregnant adventures.

  • Reply Pregnancy: Everybody Has an Opinion -Just a Colorado Gal at

    […] Going into the first trimester, I will admit that I was a bit reticent about a lot of my activity. I’ve never done this before and I had no freaking clue as to what was acceptable. Should I still run? Should I still hike? Are pull-ups acceptable? My heart rate just hit 172; did I just cause irreparable damage and cook my kid? I learned the hard way that asking for help or advice quickly ended up spiraling down a rabbit hole of lectures, anecdotes, and not-so-helpful “fun facts” that in no way answered my questions. If anything, I’m convinced the responses were meant to instill the fear of God {or whomever} within me. […]

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