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Instagram is my jam! Truly, I love scrolling through my feed and admiring the outdoor and travel photos that fill the screen. I am inspired by the mountainous adventures and envy the exotic locations.

Iceland IG

That wasn’t always the case; truthfully, I think I was one of the early adopters of the photo-sharing platform, but I just didn’t get it. My account circa 2010 was significantly different than it is today, and I sometimes laugh at all of the random sh*t that I shared on there! So it goes with social media though, right?!

{Woe be to my future children who have to suffer through my flailing social media attempts!}

These days, everyone is on Instagram, and rightfully so. Last I heard, it was the fastest growing social media platform and peeps are flocking to share their daily eats like whoa. As for me? I’m still loving all of the badass adventure photos that I see on the regular. If you’re looking for a few new people to follow, check out my favorites below!

@TennToFive {Alisa Prosyanaya}


I don’t remember when I stumbled on the @TennToFive account, but I am so glad I did! Her outdoor photos are stunning and-quite literally-make me want to jump into the photo.

@Run2TheMountains {Amy}


Amy of @Run2TheMountains is another Colorado gal, so obviously, I adore her photos! She features everything from wildlife to old structures to stunning sunsets, so she is definitely worth checking out.

@JasonBWhitman {Jason Whitman Photography}


I seriously LOVE the gallery over at @JasonBWhitman’s account! He is a Wyoming-based photographer so his snaps are frequently focused on a Wild West vibe. The cowboys at sunset is one of my favorites!

@BrookeGaynes {Brooke Gaynes}


I briefly met Brooke at Winter OR in January. Shawn Parry, the founder of Teton Sports, tipped me off to her awesome IG account and the rest, as they say, was history. Girl does some serious outdoor adventuring with her husband, and the photos they snap are truly awe-inspiring. 

@KatieBoue {Katie Boue}


I originally met Katie back during our season of OmniTen. However, I was beyond psyched when this little pixy of a climber decided to uproot her life and move across the country to Denver! She is currently experiencing a Colorado summer, and I love following along with her photos {when I can’t join in, of course!}

@TwoMillstones {Will Rochfort}


I couldn’t round up my fave IG’ers without mentioning my betrothed! Will finally took the plunge and signed up for an Instagram account, and while it’s still new, it’s already my favorite. If you love his epic outdoor photos on my blog, you’ll love his IG account!


Want to follow me on Instagram? You can find me at @AColoradoGal. How about you? Who is your favorite to follow? Are you on IG? Leave your handle in the comments below so I can follow you!



  • Reply Amanda @runtothefinish at

    It took me a long time to jump on board, but I do really enjoy it now. Though I admit to being selective in who I follow and also really selective in what I post. I figure people are following me to see running and adventures, so I try to skip the random here is where I went grocery shopping 😉

    • Reply heather at

      Yeah, I used to document more of my regular life, but these days, I’m more selective. Less creepy and more interesting anyway!

  • Reply Taylor @ LiftingRevolution at

    Great accounts! I love instagram but have been working to “brand” mine a bit more so it’s not so relaxed but more targeted! Can’t wait to check these out!

  • Reply Erin @ Girl Gone Veggie at

    Wow what awesome accounts! One of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow is SequelLife. I love all the cool yoga poses!

    • Reply heather at

      I’ll check it out; thanks!

  • Reply Cathryn at

    Thanks for the recommendations, I’m always looking for cool IGers to follow.I’m relatively new to IG but I really love it – all the photos make me so happy.

    My IG handle is @CathrynTheBrit.Lots of photos of San Francisco Bay Area trails and probably too many of my very cute son.

    My fave IG accounts are both in the UK – You should check out @mattwilson73 who is a British trail runner – he has the most wonderful photos of trailrunning in the UK Lake District (you would LOVE it there) and also @sirenUK who has gorgeous photos of the UK generally.

    • Reply heather at

      The Matt Wilson account is beautiful!

  • Reply Julianna @ Julianna Bananna at

    love all those photos! so gorgeous – thanks for sharing!

  • Reply jill conyers at

    Great Insta-picks for best! I’m already a follower 🙂 @jillconyers

  • Reply Cassie @ Rural Running Redhead at

    I’ve been having major bouts of Ihavetomovebacktothemountainsitis lately, so I’m sure following all the badass accounts here will really help alleviate that. Ha. Thanks for sharing!

  • Reply Alyssa at

    I’m a huge IG fan although it is a lot of “here’s a workout selfie! Here’s my boring lunch!”. I like the National Geographic account a lot!

    • Reply heather at

      True! I’ve actually unfollowed quite a few of those lately. I like the people behind the account, but I don’t enjoy looking at the photos 🙂 I love the Nat Geo account!!

  • Reply Elle at

    Still not really into instagram…. seems like sucn a big time consumer to me and I already am tryint to limit somewhat.

  • Reply Kayla at

    I try not to look at too many photos like that because it just makes me jealous that I’m not there!!

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