The Most Disappointing Series Finale

When Will goes to the World Cup and leaves me to fly solo for a week, what do I do?!



{Truthfully, I did many other things too but we’ll talk about those later}

More importantly, I also turn on the TV to some ridiculous marathon and let the noise entertain me while I paint. This weekend, I watched the last season of LOST, and it reminded me of how much I hated the end of that show. I was such a fan for so many years and kept watching in hopes that they would answer all the questions presented throughout the six-year run. I mean, if the writers had actually been able to tie everything together, that likely would have been a cinematic feat, no?! How awesome would that have been?!


But alas, they didn’t even come close and they wrote {what I consider to be} one of the worst series finales ever. Seriously, did any of the show ever matter?!

Naturally, this got me to thinking while I continued to paint everything in our house. How many TV series truly go out with a fizzle? Off the top of my head, I remember Roseanne from when I was young. We would occasionally watch the show and I remember being so sad about the ending! Wasn’t it some bizarre book that Roseanne was writing about her life?! I have also heard that Breaking Bad has an awful ending, but that one seems to be a 50/50 split: some people love it while others hate it. I’m only on season three so I can’t speak to that one! I know this is the last season of True Blood and I’m curious to see what they do with it. That show derailed from the books so long ago that I can’t even predict what will occur!


What show do you think has the absolute worst series finale?


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  • Reply Christy @My Dirt Road Anthem at

    I am so with you! I hated the Lost Finale, I was left feeling so disappointed. That was it?! Really!? BOO

    I like the chairs!

    • Reply heather at

      I feel like it was a cop out! They couldn’t tie together everything they threw at their audience for six years, so they just washed their hands and bailed. Sigh.

  • Reply Laraine Wyn-Jones at

    Check out Mad Dogs. It was a British series, but I’m sure it’s available somewhere on the interweb. Absolutley briliant, then the finale leaves you with serious brainache trying to figure out what the hell just happened!

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      Ha oh dear. The last time I had a brain ache was over Mulholland Drive; did you ever see that movie?!

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    The How I Met Your Mother one was pretty dissatisfying, I didn’t hate it, but it was weird.

    • Reply Shelby at

      It was such a let down. I was so mad about how HIMYM ended. 🙁

    • Reply heather at

      Ironically, I’ve never really watched that show. I caught bits and pieces occasionally, but never was my thing. I heard about the finale though– people were angry!

  • Reply Erin (Running Tall) at

    I despised the How I Met Your Mother series finale! Side note, I’m catching up on all my blogs for the past 2 weeks and WILL IS GOING TO WORLD CUP?! Mad jealous over here!!

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    Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior had a terrible series finale as did Body of Proof. Granted neither show was very popular but I liked them and really wanted to see what would happen next.

    I can’t believe Will is at the World Cup. There have been some great games so far!

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    What?!? Breaking Bad had an amazing ending. I wouldn’t have ended it any other way!

    Red chairs! Fancy. I want to see it all together.

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