Gear Friday: Puma Ignite

When the folks at Puma sent me a parcel filled with gear from their new Ignite PWRCOOL line, I was curious. Truthfully, I haven’t worn Puma gear in a few years. I remember having a pair of pink-and-white Puma sneakers that were all the rage back when I was in college; those shoes were the jam!

{I wonder where those went?!}


These days, I’m far cooler than I was in college and it looks like Puma has continued to mature their fitness apparel as well. They sent me three items to check out: the Watch Me Leave tee, the Essential 3/4 tight, and the Ignite PWRCOOL sneakers. I figured there was no better place to put them through the ringer than a CrossFit gym, so off to Big Horn we went! {And thanks to Big Horn for letting me snap photos in the gym!}

Watch Me Leave Tee



This tee is sassy! It’s cut high on the stomach and low on the shoulders, making it a great coverup for a yoga or dance class. That said, I was kind of surprised by how well it stayed on during a CrossFit workout. It was super comfy. It’s made of Puma’s dryCELL technology that helps draw sweat away from your skin. Near as I can tell, it did its job. I honestly think this would the perfect top for post-CorePower yoga when you’re drenched in sweat!

Essential 3/4 Tight




Of the group, these tights were my favorite! Made from the same dryCELL material I referenced above, these tights regulate body temps and keep you cool. More importantly, they’re durable! The fabric is thicker than many capris {without adding heat} and I almost felt like it was more “sturdy” in it’s body control. The waistband sits higher on the stomach so you avoid that whole stuffed sausage appearance, which is always a plus!

Ignite PWRCOOL Sneakers


The keyword with the entire Ignite line is thermoregulation and the shoes are no different. For me, the full-length midsole foam wasn’t ideal for CrossFit but worked great on dog walks with Tals. The foam offers extra rebounding capabilities, giving you a little extra pep in your step.

Bonus: they slightly remind me of my favorite pink-and-white Pumas from the early 2000s. Nostalgia!

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of PUMA.



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    Those tights look great; they’d probably be my favourite too!!

  • Reply Christy at

    Cute outfit! Those capris are cute and the shoes too, great photos.

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    (lulu whatwhat? never)

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