I’ll Take The Good With The Bad

Happy Monday y’all!

Here’s to hoping that everyone had a spectacular weekend, or at least, did something fun and got to play outside! I feel like mine was full of hits and misses. For example:

HIT: I finally got a chance to take Tals for a mini-hike at the open space dog park that she loves. I’ve been holding off taking her because of my knee, but girlfriend was driving me crazy. The day was beautiful AND we didn’t find ANY rattlesnakes!

Tals loves this place!

MISS: I blocked off the entirety of Saturday with zero plans so that I could finish my final edits on my thesis and submit it for the last time. Unfortunately, my adviser didn’t get her edits back to me so I spent all of Saturday email lurking, waiting for an email to show up from her. Sigh. CAN I PLEASE BE DONE WITH GRAD SCHOOL??!

HIT: I got to play at the Warrior Dash yesterday! A full recap will come later this week once I figure out how to edit some footage (because yes, I wore my GoPro, and yes, you definitely need to see Lena fall out of the mud pit), but it’s safe to say that we all had an awesome time. The sun was shining, the mud was flowing, and naturally, there were beers afterwards 🙂

MISS: My knee is still jacked. I took the entire week to give it some rest and after my pain-free walk with Tals on Saturday, I thought things were improving and doing A-ok. But then, the Warrior Dash happened. My knee started hurting pretty bad at mile 1, and by mile 1.5, I had to slow it down to a walk. I’m thinking this is a pretty sure sign that I need to see a doc and figure out what in the world is going on my good ol’ patella.

Doesn’t this make my leg look all weird; big at the top and scrawny at the bottom?

The pain is still centralized in the same location and I was hoping that a knee sleeve would fix it. I purchased a Tommie Copper sleeve last week, and while it does make my knee feel more sturdy, it isn’t eliminating the pain. Sigh. Stupid knee.

Tell me stories about your weekend! Anyone race? Any break any bones?


  • Reply misszippy at

    Ugh! So bummed for you on the knee! Glad you at least got to do Warrior Dash though–had to have been so much fun!

  • Reply Katie @k8tlevy at

    Yikes, I’m sorry your knee is messed up. But it sounds like you had a great time regardless! In addition to getting the injury treated, have you done any kind of technique work with running? I used to have horrible IT band issues, but learned to run a little differently and that makes a big difference…until my form falls apart again. It’s a super painful reminder to keep my form in check!

  • Reply mountainkait.com at

    Sorry to hear about your knee-such a bummer. I officially signed up for the Equinox Half Marathon in Fort Collins in Sept, which means that this girl had to start running this weekend! Glad that you had fun at the Warrior Dash despite the setbacks.

  • Reply Kayla Carruth @ kpLoving It at

    Dang it. I just hate that your knee is so messed up when you were cruising along in your training AND your dang advisor didn’t get your edits back!!! Both of those things are so frustrating and out of your hands……..at least you got to play in the mud! Keep on RICE-ing. You will be finished with school REALLY soon!!!

  • Reply Ed at

    I bet the warrior dash was fun! I volunteered to help out with that last year, worked traffic control and didn’t even get to see any of the race! I am thinking of giving it a go next year in Seattle region, but who knows what a year will bring…

  • Reply Lena @Fit on the Rocks at

    Hopefully you get those edits back ASAP so that you can graduate! It was so much fun doing this with you and Brandy, and I’m so glad we all had reasons to walk (well, I’m not glad that your knee is still effed up, but I’m glad my non-breathing didn’t hold you up). Hopefully there’s no bad news when you see the doc! Oh, and I CANNOT wait to see this video in all of its ridiculousness.

  • Reply Christine at

    Oh Heather!! I’m so sorry that your knee is still bothering you. Knee issues are the worst but I do hope that you go get it checked out, especially since it hasn’t gotten better. I would definitely keep resting and icing. Have anti-inflammatories helped? Boo! Sending lots of positive thoughts your way. But the Warrior Dash sounds like a ton of fun regardless. Can’t wait to see the footage.

  • Reply Julie at

    So sorry your knee is still an issue! Yes get ye butt to the doc! 🙂 I am however looking forward to the Warrior Dash report!

  • Reply Alyssa at

    OMG I’d be furious about wasting a whole day. That sucks. Grad school sucks. Yay on Warrior Dash though! So much fun. I hope the doctor can help!

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