Keeping Tals Healthy: An Update

This post is sponsored by Wellness CORE Natural Pet Food. Thoughts and opinions are my own.

Guys, it finally happened: Tally turned 10 last month. My baby girl finally hit double digits and I about lost my mind. Aside from feeding her a big hunk of salmon, I had a mini meltdown. What in the world will I do when I have children of the human variety?!

But I digress.

I mentioned last month that Tals has been struggling with some health and weight issues. We finally headed to the vet for an updated diagnosis and sure enough, my girl is aging: she has arthritis in her back knee {not her hips, like originally thought.} In fact, it’s so bad that the vet put her on some meds, and she now takes Rimadyl every other day. Fortunately, we saw immediate improvement in her movement!


PC: Will Rochfort

But there is another piece to this Tally fitness story. When we put her on the scale at the vet, I was horrified. Girlfriend weighs 72 pounds! To clarify, this is up from that 61 pounds of last year and a far cry from the 55-60 pounds that the vet recommends. Not so shockingly, she packed on weight during those few months before she was put on meds. We didn’t walk her as frequently for fear of hurting her and as a result, she gained a serious amount.

Now that she is on the meds, her hips are feeling better and we’re focusing on the weight loss. A key component of our routine is her twice-daily walks that she gets every morning at 5:30 am and every evening around 8:30-9 pm {once the temps have cooled.} She thinks life is grand now that she gets quiet time with mom and dad TWICE a day, and her doggy grin is evident from a quarter mile away!


Meet Purple Guy, Tally’s favorite baby. She has had this guy for 9.5 years….and only recently decided to rip his leg off

We’ve also honed in on her diet as part of this fitness endeavor. Thankfully, the folks ate Wellness CORE Natural Pet Food recently reached out for a partnership, so Tals has been living the high life with doggy food! Her twice-daily meals now consist of a favorite: CORE original grain-free dry formula kibble.

It’s not intended as a weight-loss formula but it is a healthy option for my girl. In particular, I liked that the food is grain-free and does not include any “fillers” to weigh her down. In fact, 34% of the kibble is protein {per the Wellness CORE analysis} AND the number one ingredient is deboned turkey.

Tals finds that acceptable!


Since we’ve begun feeding Tally the CORE food and enacted our two-a-day walks, it’s been amazing the difference we’ve seen in her behavior. She has tons of energy; she is more social when we’re at home; she is back to being the misbehaved pup I loved while out walking. It’s been unbelievable to see the change, and I can’t wait to take her back to the vet in August to see what kind of progress we’ve made on the scale!



  • Reply Rachel @ Better LIVIN at

    Poor gal! Why can’t dogs have the same lifespan as people? I’m glad her meds are helping though!

    • Reply heather at

      I wish Tals could be with us forever!

  • Reply Dusty Desert Dogs at

    Great post, I have a senior girl too she is 11 years young and even though she hasn’t been diagnosed with any arthritis yet I can tell she is slowing down a lot but keeping the weight off is such a huge part of senior care. She has been on a diet for it seems like forever. She was 65 pounds at one time and she is a cattle dog mix and should be 40/45 ish she lost the weight and is 46 pounds now but it’s a constant struggle, but we are trying. Your baby look fantastic and your doing such a great job taking care of her! I love that you are still taking her out with you and adventuring.

    • Reply heather at

      It would break her heart if we left her behind 🙂 We just have to adjust what we bring her on, and if we do go on a backpacking trip where she can’t come anymore, I try to pack in secret so she doesn’t see the gear!

  • Reply Nancy at

    I always grin when I see good ol’ Tals on your Snapchat. What a sweet girlie. I’m glad there was immediate improvement on the medication you’re giving her! She seems like an awesome dog, Heather! Alfie is going to be 7 this year – the years are flying by with him…

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