Park City, Ski City

As most of y’all know, I spent the NYE week in Park City with some of my fellow OmniTen. Not everyone was able to come, but Steve, Heidi, Katie, and Jon all made the trip with me, as well as Will. We didn’t have too much planned other than lots o’ skiing, good food, and great company. I think it’s safe to say that we accomplished all three!

Since I was on the Western Slope for the holidays already, I drove the additional 5 hours to SLC and was the first to arrive. I made numerous trips to the airport to pick everyone up, but we finally got settled in and headed up to our condo in Park City. Will found this fantastic condo that is located right next to Canyons Ski Resort. It was beautiful and the perfect location for our mini-reunion!

Heidi, Jon, Katie, me, and Will

We spent our first day on skis at Alta Ski Area. We had an eclectic mix of skiers with us so I knew the day would be enjoyable! Jon hadn’t skied in years, Heidi hadn’t skied since she broke her femur, and Will hadn’t been on planks in 14 years since he had torn his (same) ACL three times. In short, we were a bit of a skiing mess!

Luckily, our day at Alta turned out gorgeous! I hate to admit this, but Utah is getting some insane snow right now– Alta has a 200″+ base while mountains here have less than half of that. Steamboat, my fave mountain Colorado, has been getting major props for receiving mucho snow this season and they even have 60″ less than Alta! No bueno, y’all.

Anyway, this abundance of early-season snow in Utah made for some pretty sweet conditions. Will, Jon, and Heidi remembered their previous ski skillz and all of them were able to go down greens immediately. After a few runs, Jon and Will graduated onto some blues and Katie and I were able to duck into some sweet powder stashes in the trees.

After lunch, we continued to play! Heidi opted to stay on the lower mountain where she felt more comfortable while the rest of us headed up top to check out the highest point at the resort. Luckily for us, there was an stunningly gorgeous black run that provided Will with the perfect opportunity for a photo shoot. Y’all, he got some amazing photos! Is he talented or what?!

Katie, crushing it!

Absolutely love this photo of Steve, even though it’s not Will’s favorite

And me. The pink makes me easy to spot!

I. Love. My. Pink. Snowpants.

After such a beautiful day at Alta, I was worried that our next day of skiing wouldn’t compare! Steve suggested Solitude Ski ResortΒ and we decided to listen to his local expertise. So glad that we did! I loved Solitude and could not get over how few people there were! I like to think that Colorado has a surplus of skiers and that’s why our resorts are always full (and I only ski mid-week!) but regardless of the reason, it was insane how empty Solitude was! And, it was even New Year’s Eve!

Will and me

Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to check out the back area known as Honeycomb Canyon, and I am still disgruntled about that. We finally made our way to the top, but the canyon closes at 3pm and we had just missed the time cut-off. Fortunately, Katie and I embarked on our own adventure so I didn’t wallow in my disappointment for too long!

We had found a nice, long blue run that wrapped around the entire mountain and would be suitable for all abilities in our group. However, once there, we realized that this particular run hadn’t been groomed yet. As such, it was marked as “experts only” since ungroomed runs typically have lots of deep powder and unmarked obstacles. Because of this, Will and Jon opted out and headed down the mountain. I’ve been a skier for 25 years and can ski anything, so I was ecstatic when Katie asked me if I still wanted to give the run a try!

Initially, the trail was groomed but that ended abruptly with a pile of snow that was at least waist high. After climbing over the snowbank, she and I took off through the knee-deep powder and enjoyed our fresh tracks and untouched views. It was a perfect bluebird day!

The view while I caught my breath!

After a few pillow drops, we both started to realize that we had absolutely no idea where we were. Luckily, a random snowboarder popped out of the trees and we asked how to get back to the base. We knew we were in trouble when he responded by asking, “Do you want to go to Solitude or Brighton?” Apparently we had screwed around in the trees so much that we had almost skied over to an entirely different resort!

Thanks to Katie for this photo! This was our ridiculously long traverse back to the base

Luckily, we both have amazing skate-ski abilities and had to do a very awkward and exhausting trek back to the base….although I will admit that my poor little triceps were hurtin’!

PS I got to test out my new Nordica Hell and Back alpine boots on this trip also– a review will be coming soon!


Do you ski or board?

What’s the most epic powder day you’ve ever experienced?
I lived in Steamboat during the 2007-08 season which was insane! Peeps still talk about it up there because we received so much snow and I often had days where I’d come into school only to find all of my students had called in sick for a powder day! Literally, it was waste deep ALL SEASON!


  • Reply Kait Comiskey at

    GAHHH so jealous! I ski, did the winter/copper pass two winters ago. I miss it so much. Looks like Park City was a blast!

  • Reply Eric at

    I have been on the slopes just once… you would think a trail nerd like me would get out more often… i dont own skis, im broke, and I spend all my time hiking and running haha… Will took some awesome photos btw, great stuff.

    As for skis or boarding… I bet I would be a skier so I could back country it easier…

    • Reply Colorado Gal at

      I’m actually surprised you aren’t more of a skier! And yes, backcountry is totally the way to go πŸ™‚

    • Reply Eric at

      I get that a lot. It really is a cost thing for me….I think I like snowboards better… split boards seem up my alley… but again.. $ lame! haha

  • Reply Katelyn Block at

    So fun! I used to cross-country ski as a kid. Going to take a Canada vacay soon to try out downhill!

  • Reply Andrea at

    First, LOVE, LOVE the pink ski pants! Awesome!

    Second, so, so jealous! Look like an amazing trip! And those photos your friend took are unbelievable!

    I am a disgruntled skier, I say this because I live in Michigan, and we have had two of the worst winters for snow. Our planned ski trip this weekend, January, and the forecast is 48 and sunny! Aaugh.

  • Reply Kayla Carruth at

    OMG, of course you would end up in a almost completely different resort, you crazy trouble maker you!! haha. Sounds awesome.

    I was in Steamboat that season!! It’s when we stayed with Bos and Leah and Patrick proposed to me!!! GREAT ski season. Our little Texan legs were super exhausted from all the powder!

    Tried boarding once. Never had a desire to do it again.

  • Reply Katie at

    Thank you for not mentioning the numerous spills I took in the trees due to my complete lack of powder skiing experience πŸ™‚ Such an amazing trip!

  • Reply Christine at

    I LOVE your pink ski pants too!! I want them. What fun days of skiing you had and love Will’s photos. I’m a skier through and through. Heading to Tahoe in February and cannot wait.

  • Reply Ed at

    Wow ya’ll look pretty badass…I like the lower mountain too Heidi…

  • Reply Heather @ Better With Veggies at

    Oh my goodness, I’m so jealous – this looks amazing!! Can I please request 200″ inches of snow in Colorado, I mean I did move across the country for this. πŸ™‚

    Seriously though, I love Utah’s snow – we’ve spent many trips at The Canyons and can’t get enough. I’m a boarder, so I do get a little annoyed with Alta and their ski-only snobbery. πŸ˜‰

    • Reply Colorado Gal at

      Yeah, I was surprised to learn that Alta was skiers only! I didn’t realize there were any mountains that still did that. I know Aspen was a holdout for a long time re: boarders, but I’m pretty sure they started allowing them well over 10 years ago.

  • Reply lynnb1984 at

    I snowboard and cross country ski, but I want to learn to downhill ski this year.

    My best powder day ever was two winters ago in Tahoe (2010-11). One Sunday, we got 2 – 4 feet of powder over the weekend, and the highways into town were closed. So it was basically locals only on the mountains. Feet of fresh snow and empty mountains = perfect!

  • Reply at

    Oh how I wish I was skiing right now! We’re going to Steamboat on Spring Break πŸ™‚

  • Reply Tiff @ Love, Sweat, and Beers at

    Fun! I love your pink pants too! I used to ski a bit when I was little (hello 80’s bright snow gear), but I live to far from the slopes to really keep it up. I’d love to give it another shot sometime though.

  • Reply Paige @ your trainer paige at

    Oh, my goodness. Heather, these pictures are gorgeous! Sooo, I don’t ski or snowboard, but I’m hoping to change that this winter (living in CO now!) Any recs on a good place to start here?

  • Reply Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table at

    Wow!! My most epic powder day was in PC too. Love it there. I’m a big skiier… trying to move to CO eventually. Glad you have such a great time!!

  • Reply Alyssa at

    So your back is able to handle skiing now? That’s awesome! This actually sounds like fun! I want to try! That trek sounds exhausting!

  • Reply The cost of adventure | Trails2Brews at

    […] recently read this post by Heather who writes at . I became instantly jealous of of this adventure […]

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