R2R2R Training: Week 5

Oh hey. Remember that time I made a big announcement about a challenging goal for the new year and then proceeded to get super busy and not have enough time for, well, anything?

That’s right; it’s happening now.

I’m in the midst of a mental breakdown over R2R2R training. Why? I’m not sure. I knew the past few weeks would be bananas, but knowing it and experiencing it are two different stories. When we got back from Outdoor Retailer this past Sunday, I came to the realization that it is 2016. We’re running R2R2R in three months. 12 weeks. Y’all, that’s barely any time in adult years!

Needless, to say I had a mini-freakout. But, never fear; it has passed. Sure, things haven’t gone the way I wanted but I knew that was going to happen. I also know that the next eight weeks are chock full of time to train, beginning today. And, conveniently, I did not squander today in that regard– but you’ll hear about that next week!

January 4-10, 2016

Monday: CrossFit. It was a barbell-heavy day that did a number on my hamstrings!

Five rounds (not for time) of:

5 deadlifts

5 squat cleans

5 push presses

5 front squats

We weren’t allowed to put the bar down in the middle of a round; once you picked it up to begin the deadlifts, you kept going until you finished that round. I stayed relatively light {for me} by doing the first three rounds at 65#, the fourth round at 75#, and the final round at 80#. It hurt. A lot.

Then, I went home and took Tals for a quick 30-minute run.

20150628NikeFinishLine217 (1)

Tuesday: Back to CrossFit. This time, we did a workout full of everything I hate!

For time:

Row 1000 meters

Then, three rounds of:

30 toes-t0-bar

15 snatches @ 55#

Time: 17:34

Wednesday:  We flew to Salt Lake for Outdoor Retailer, so the day was spent getting my life together, packing, and cleaning the house for our house sitter.

Thursday: I really, really thought about bringing my running shoes to SLC, but I knew my schedule simply didn’t allow for running. When I used to attend the tradeshow for my blog or smaller publications, I had more freedom. But these days, I am jam packed from sunup to sundown. On Thursday, we picked up our badges at 7am, met for a Backpacker breakfast at 7:30, and began meeting at 9am. My appointments lasted from 9-5pm with a new brand every 30 minutes. After those finished, I headed to my first media dinner of the evening at 6:30, followed by my second event at 8pm. I finally walked back to my hotel at 11pm and promptly crashed for the night!

Silver lining: I did a hell of a lot of walking! I wore my Garmin, and according to the band, I walked just shy of 11 miles on Thursday.


Friday: This was a similar schedule to Thursday only my appointments began at 8am with a breakfast meeting. Appointments went all day before I headed to a media dinner at 6:30. Again, it went well into the evening and I got back to my hotel just shy of 1am. I managed to catch the train for a few of my walks, so I *only* eked out 8 miles of walking. {And–thankfully!–fit in a 20 minute lunch!}

Saturday:  This was our final day at OR and I had originally planned for it to be more of a mellow day. But, it didn’t turn out that way as I continued to find brands that fit my categories for Backpacker. First world problems, right? I did the appointment thing until 4pm before walking back to my hotel. We grabbed a quick dinner, packed our suitcases, and headed to the airport for our 9pm flight. We finally arrived in Denver around 10:30, but didn’t get home until close to midnight. Miles for the day: 7.


My handsome husband with my blurry iPhone photos

Sunday: Contrary to what I thought, I was toast yesterday. We slept in until 9 before getting our life in order. I cleaned the house, took down the Christmas decorations, and finally got rid of our tree. We unpacked our luggage that was accumulating from San Diego, Crested Butte and Salt Lake. I finished some quick deadlines that were due, and spent some time cuddling with Tals {and trimming her nails!} I probably could’ve fit in a quick run, but honestly? I was exhausted. This was better.

Needless to say, I’ve got the whole “time on my feet” thing in the bag! But as for running, I could some more of that in my schedule! I am officially back in CO for the rest of the month so instead of continuing to freak out, I’m choosing to buckle down and get some concentrated training done. Here goes!


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    All that walking counts for something, no doubt! Sounds like you will have a plan for training going forward, so stop beating yourself up!

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