Rediscovering Running

Happy Monday!

Whew, this past weekend was a whirlwind of activity (which you’ll hear about later this week). Aside from all of that stuff, I finally made my grand return to running…and it was a bit sobering!

In reality, I actually completed my first run last week, approximately one month after I quit running entirely, and almost two months after I started to phase it out of my regular workout pattern. Originally, I had just grown bored with running and needed a break; then I hurt my back and was told I couldn’t run. In short, it’s been a rough relationship over the past couple of months!

I visited my doc for another spinal decompression visit this past Friday and while there, he suggested that I ease my way back into the sport. He suggested I start with a run/walk combo and gradually progress from there. I had just read in this month’s Runner’s World that a 2 min run/2 min walk combo was great for people recovering for injury, so I decided that I would start with that plan.

Unfortunately, Saturday dawned frigid ….and more frigid. I managed to talk myself out of running that day and convinced myself that Sunday would be better. However, Sunday was just as cold and I was stuck with this temperature:

I had plans later in the day so I couldn’t push it to the afternoon, and as much as I wanted to bail to the treadmill, I knew Tally really needed to run. In the end, I decided to suck it for the pup, bundle up, and head outside.

I contemplated my clothing options because the temps were actually worse than they looked: according to the news, it was -10 out with wind chill. Now, I’m not exactly speedy and my run/walk combo sure wasn’t going to be creating any wind resistance, but those small gusts felt relentless! To combat this, I wore my Columbia OmniHeat base layer, a fleece vest, my new Lucy Fast as Lightning Run jacket (yet another Christmas gift from Will!), my Reebok Crossfit tights, and of course, my beloved Brooks Pure Cadence.

My face was bright red by the time I got back!

(Sidenote: if anyone is looking for a ridiculously warm base layer to run in, that OmniHeat is a great option. Columbia sent it to me a few months back (for free), and I’ve largely used it snowshoeing, skiing, etc. However, it was the perfect choice for yesterday’s run because the OmniHeat reflects your body heat back onto yourself, and thus keeps you warm. Typically it’s far TOO warm to run in, but when it gets downright frigid, this shirt is definitely a good choice.)

The two minute run/walk combo was pretty easy, but I figured that was okay. Better to start out easy and stay injury-free, right? I’ve decided that I won’t be wearing my Garmin for the next few months, and instead, just brought my hr monitor. I only ran for 27 minutes (because my fingers and toes were too darn cold!) and still burned 310 calories! Y’all, that is insane for a 27 minute run, especially considering I walked half of it! Just goes to show how hard your body works to keep itself warm!
More than anything, I’m excited to rediscover my love of running. I used to truly enjoy it and I think I was just burned out, far before I hurt my back. I’m not going to register for any races or follow any training plans (at least, not yet!) Instead, I’m just going to run when I want, for as long as I want, and as fast as I want. Sounds so simple yet it’s something that’s so easy to forget!
What do you do in order to remember your love for a sport or hobby?

Stories from your weekend?!


  • Reply Heidi @BananaBuzzbomb at

    Hooray! Glad you’re rediscovering running. I started back up a week or so myself and am happy to say it’s going better than expected. My weekend consisted of thrift shopping for business clothes. Fun and stressful. Can I just borrow your wardrobe?? 😉

  • Reply Tiff @ Love, Sweat, and Beers at

    Ummmm, first up – brrrrrrr! Good for you getting it done. I would have wimped out for sure!

    Next, that’s great you’re not wearing the Garmin. I sometimes push myself too hard when I wear mine, but that’s obviously not a good thing when getting back into it.

  • Reply Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog at

    I got out Saturday and ran… Cold but once I warmed up felt great. Didn’t run yesterday due to feeling cruddy and prob will skip today too, boo. If I find myself not loving running I cut back the miles, find new routes, go off road and use my bike a little more. Glad you had a great run!

  • Reply cakeinacrockpot at

    You’re my hero. Three degrees???

    Congrats getting back to running. Glad your back is cooperating 🙂

  • Reply misszippy at

    Yay for getting back out there. Boo for having to do it in sub-freezing temps!

    I was watching the Ravens game (sorry, btw!) and was amazed that any of those players could possibly get their hands to function in those temperatures Saturday!

    • Reply Colorado Gal at

      Um, yeah, about that Broncos game…..the city is still in mourning!

  • Reply Kayla Carruth at

    Absence makes the heart grow fonder. 🙂

  • Reply Sierra at

    It’s not easy at first, but it’s a little bit fun to see your strength and stamina build up again. I always am amazing by how quickly the body can lose strength and fitness and then regain it. Enjoy the process !

  • Reply at

    I too take breaks when burnt out. It was -17 in Laramie when I went to the gym this morning. I spent the weekend recovering from my jet lag after returning from the Canary Islands early Saturday morning.

  • Reply Alyssa at

    Woah you are BAD ASS! I can’t believe you ran in those temps! I’m such a softie now that I live in the south. I was also watching the Ravens game and shivering just thinking of those guys! Welcome back!

  • Reply Penny at

    Great job getting out there when it was so cold. I to put off running on sat due to the wind and cold. Got my long run in on sun but it wasnt much better still a -4.

  • Reply AmyZ, PhD at

    I read your blog and I seriously think we have the same boyfriend. I got the same Lucy jacket for Christmas. I also ran in it Sat night AFTER the game when the temps were just about the same. My bf works in the outdoor industry in Boulder and gets me all the latest gear 🙂

  • Reply Diary Of a 6 Hour Marathon Runner at

    Sounds like your return to running is going great – good luck! I got thoroughly fed up of running, and the injuries I kept picking up (recurring shin splints/stress fractures) and have finally decided to give it up and concentrate on mtbing and hiking. Reading stories like this makes me miss it though…

  • Reply MegG at

    Yay! I’m glad you’re getting back into running and crossfit! I have to say you’re pretty darn brave and a good puppy mama to get out there in that weather, I thought running this weekend in 30 degree weather was cold, I got nothing on you!

  • Reply Heather @ Better With Veggies at

    A break is my normal option too – I took off the entire month of November and it helped a lot! I can still feel a bit of the lingering effects though and I think it’s because I have been focusing on long distance A LOT for the past few years. Maybe stick to shorter distances for now, so you can regain that joy?

  • Reply James at

    I hear you. It’s been -15 here in wonderful Idaho, so I’ve been hitting the treadmill pretty much every day. It’s not a lot of fun, but I’m still doing it!

  • Reply Rebecca at

    After my stress fracture in July I had a hard time getting back into running (mentally as much as physically) so just took a break for a while. I’ve been running for the past two weeks now (really short distances, max of 3 miles right now) but it feels SO GOOD. I think the break was exactly what I needed, mentally more than anything else. Despite running at a level nowhere near where I was six months ago, I still find myself loving it again. Hooray running! Now, if I could figure out a schedule to start Cross Fit without cutting into my climbing time, I might be as bad ass as you! Ha!

    (PS I agree about the omniheat base layer! I wore it for a chilly run on Saturday morning and it was perfect).

  • Reply Andy V at

    Good for you. I have been battling a cold and nagging little injuries but still ran 16 miles in that, how do you say it, freezing crap yesterday. Not fun, but I did it. Keep it up.

  • Reply Debbie Harris at

    Oh boy… Impressed that you got back into running in the frigid temps!!!! I run on my treadmill all winter b/c it’s too much work to do all that bundling!!! Way to go!
    I sign up for races to keep me motivated!

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