Thanks for Everything, Alaska

Wow. Y’all, Alaska was far more surreal and beautiful than I could’ve imagined and I’m happy to report that we (all) survived the trip unscathed!

photo (97)

And seriously, Gates of the Arctic far surpassed my expectations. It was wild and rugged; full of harsh conditions and stunning scenery, of which we experienced both. The wildlife was everywhere and we were lucky enough to have safe encounters with beavers, moose, bald eagles, a white wolf, and even a Grizzly!

But, for now, I need to get my life back together and get things in some semblance of order before I start recapping the trip. I want to make sure I do our experience justice, but first things first: I’ve gotta focus on my day job! It may take me a day or two, but I promise—full recap will be coming soon!


So how are y’all feeling about a recap: multiple, detailed posts or one long-ish post that summarizes everything? Just because I think the trip was awesome doesn’t mean you guys will equally agree Smile


  • Reply Miz at

    you know me.


  • Reply Christy @My Dirt Road Anthem at

    I don’t mind multiple posts, so excited to hear all about it!

  • Reply Heidi @BananaBuzzbomb at

    So excited to hear!

  • Reply Sara at

    I am willing to read as many posts as you are willing to write about Alaska!

  • Reply Cathryn at

    I’m new here but I would love to read all about Alaska!!!

  • Reply Jillian @ Tenders & Trails at

    Lots of posts with lots of pictures! Looking forward to reading it all!

  • Reply Marissa @Barefoot Colorado at

    I want details!! I’m so excited to read this recap!

  • Reply Audrey @ In Shape Cupcake at

    Excited about the recap!

  • Reply Kayla at

    You’re always such a tease. Welcome back.

  • Reply Heidi Nicole at

    Have fun getting back into real life…and thanks for coming back alive! Can’t wait to see photos! 🙂

  • Reply Elle at

    Lots and lots of pictures, please.! That one is a stunner.

  • Reply Natalie @ Free Range Human at

    That picture is just gorgeous! Can’t wait to hear all about it 🙂

  • Reply Alyssa at

    I like one long post (clearly, you’ve seen my blog). I can’t wait to see the pics!

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